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Update 2011

More than a year since we began development. The database structure is still less than 50% complete. We have changed the alpha-version requirements: now the site at the early stages must be motivating the users to add content by giving them points based on how many components they have succesfully added to database. Crowd sourcing of some sort, you know. We will give various prizes to the ones who gain most points, obviously.

Sincerely yours, Bici team

Data input status.. Data input status!!

Well, long times passed since we were “getting ready”, and we have actually had a form build and set up, but some major technical issues (in the many-to-many field types of DAREP library) have postponed the input start.

Now, it’s finally all fired up.

Our data manger is currently finishing his exams in college so expect first results soon :) Although they will not be visible from outside, I will keep you posted.

By the way, here you can learn about DAREP, a platform for Bicicletti.

Getting ready for initial data input.

We’re currently building a web-form for data input  that 3rd party users can use.

The “job” (filling up the database, for at least 2000 objects with ~20 properties each) turned out to be pretty attractive and i got more than 20 people willing to do it. This is very nice, as we will need help along the way.

Stay tuned,

Peter Green

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